Buzualem-Kids General Trading PLC

Cement, Rebar and Ceramics supplier in the country.


Buzualem-Kids General Trading PLC has a wide market coverage throughout the country and it is the best way for producers to make their products accessible across the country. It is the best strategic option to easily enter in to the market since the company has experience and wide coverage of customers.

Our Customers

Government projects
Private projects
Construction materials Retailors
Individual users

About us

Buzualem kids General Trading PLC is established in 2003 E.C. with initial capital of birr 3 million to wholesale construction materials namely cement and rebar. Currently the capital increased to 48,979,000 birr. Buzualem kids’ main aim was to be the leading construction materials (cement, rebar and Ceramics) supplier in the country. The company signed contractual agreement with producing factories to distribute the product they produce.



• Dangote Cement
• East Cement
• Mugher Cement
• Local Rebar (East steel)
• Imported rebar from Turkey(Diameter 8mm-24mm)
• Di Yuan Ceramics
• Aluminum profile and accessories