Buzualem kids General Trading PLC


Buzualem kids General Trading PLC is established in 2003 E.C. with initial capital of birr 3 million to wholesale construction materials namely cement and rebar. Currently the capital increased to 48,979,000 birr.

Buzualem kids’ main aim was to be the leading construction materials (cement, rebar and Ceramics) supplier in the country. The company signed contractual agreement with producing factories to distribute the product they produce.
Buzualem kids started operation by distributing Koka, Bedroc and Zongushen cement and currently expanded its scope and distributes Dangote, East and Muger cement, loacal and Imported rebar.
Currently we are widely engaged in distributing Di Yuan ceramics in huge amount and distributes it to private and government projects, contractors, retailers and real-estate developers.



  • By 2027 to participate on establishing manufacturing plant related construction


  • Through efficient customer service and delivery system, distribute the construction input (cement, rebar and ceramics) to the end users and support the construction sector growth.
  • Increase the company capital by participating on building construction business


• Teamwork
• Good working culture
• Punctuality
• Accountability and transparency
• Commitment to excellent service
• Integrity
• Committed continuous improvement